Larry collides with a woman who went to avoid the AIADMK flagpole

In Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, the flag of a political party has sacrificed a woman's feet. The AIADMK party's flag post was leaning on the road. Bertha on a scooter has escaped. This time Larry collided with her.

The lorry's wheel was torn over her legs, which fell down. She was seriously injured and placed in the ICU. The accident happened while the 30-year-old Rajeshwari was walking to the office. Rajeshwari, father-mother only daughter. She also has the responsibility of counseling the elderly parents.

A lorry collides with Rajeshwari and another bike rider. Injuries to his hands and knees. The AIADMK hoarding fell a few days ago and a woman was killed. The incident provoked outrage among the public. Another accident happened just before it blew.

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