Kerala. Ceremony for Hindu marriage was stopped, now celebrated in the village

Last Sunday, a postgraduate student called Pratushewa, who is the daughter of Indira Nambir, who was sitting in the village of Edwati Mosque, adjacent to the house at Changarath Panchayat in Kozhikode.

In a village in Kozhikotai district of Kerala, Muslims will celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad on Sunday, a week after the ceremony, instead of November 10. The move was taken as a brotherhood so that the incident could be preceded by a local mosque. Hindu girl's marriage could not be any hindrance '

Therefore, this step was taken by the Muslim community. Last Sunday, a postgraduate student, named as 'Pithyushya'.

The daughter of Indira Nambir, who was sitting in the village of Edwati Mosque, was sitting on the outskirts of the house at Chungaroth Panchayat in Kozhikode.

The secretary of the local committee, NC Abdul Rahman, said, "The Hindu family has already arranged marriage on November 10.

They had no idea about the sloppy slopes. The wedding ceremony will last all day and we were also organizing various cultural events on the occasion of Malad al-Nabi.

So we postponed the celebration of the Milad al-Nabi celebrations in the mosque for marriage. "

Indira Nambeer said that she did not believe that the celebration to be held at the mosque for her daughter's wedding had been postponed.

"The Mohalla Committee told us that they were postponing their ceremony for November 17 to help us," he said. "We did not make any such request to them.

On that day several members of the mosque committee also came to our house to offer prayers to our daughter. "

Abdul Rahman said that there are 120 Muslim families under the mosque and everyone in the locality acknowledged it friendlyly. He said that "at a time when people are protesting in the name of religion," we want our focus on brotherhood from other communities. Apply to increase.

If we wish, we would have celebrated Mela Dalanbi 3 last Sunday, but that would have prevented the marriage because the house is right next to the mosque. "

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