UK / Former British soldier celebrated 100th birthday after Sky diving after 74 years

Thomas Hodgson put a sky dive at an altitude of 14 thousand feet, saying, - I am feeling young
Thousands celebrate Birthday and raise money for two charities

London. World War II veteran Thomas Hodgson celebrated his 100th birthday by ski diving after 74 years of jumping from the plane in the past. They put a sky dive at an altitude of 14 thousand feet. Thomas celebrated Birthday and raised money for two charities.

Thomas Hodgson during Sky Dive

Thomas was born on June 30, 1919 in village Kleletra in Cumberland County. He had skydiving this year on the birthday day, but due to bad weather it was postponed for a week. At the start of the Second World War, at the age of 19, Thomas was admitted to the Royal Engineers unit. It is the engineering unit of the British Army, whose troops make the roads and bridges to repair them. Here Thomas was included in the paratroopers training team and he jumped from Plane 74 years ago in Hampshire.

Feeling young
Thomas has collected the amount for Cancer Research UK and The Great North Air Ambulance Charity. After Sky Diving, he said, "How much I enlarged, it is difficult to put it in words, it made me memorize many memories, but I do not want to talk about them. I wanted to ski diving for a long time And this was my last wish of the list. I am feeling young. "

Still like the adventure me
I got 75 birthday cards, including Queen Elizabeth II's card. I do not want gifts I need a donation, so that I can give my chosen charities. Even at this age, I like adventure. Even today I drive myself to meet my friends.

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