Report / Bond Series 25th film not male, British actress Lashana Lynch will be Secret Agent 007

According to the report, British actress Lashna Lynch will play the character of 007
Shooting for Italy and the UK for next Bond Series film
Current Bond Actor Daniel Craig said in 2015 - Better wrist cutting would be done if the bond was rebuilt

Black British Actor Lashana Lynch is The New Agent 007 in upcoming Bond franchise Bond 25

Hollywood desk . In the Bond series 25th film, British Secret Agent 007 can be seen as a man but not a man. According to the British newspaper The Daily Mail report, British actress Lashana Lynch will play the role of 007 in place of current bond actor Daniel Craig. Lashana has got headlines by playing the role of Fighter Pilot Maria Rambeau in Captain Marvel movie.

According to the report, the current James Bond (Daniel Craig) left the M-16 intelligence agency in the film's story and is cutting his time in Jamaica. But, he is called back to fight a new enemy. When he comes back to the agency, he is introduced with a new code named 007 code name, which is a black woman.

Shooting starts after the difficulties

The shooting of the Bond Series film was going on for a long time. Danielle Craig, who played the main character before shooting, said in 2015 - Now instead of playing James Bond, I would prefer cutting wrist vein. After this, in 2017, director Danny Boyle was replaced by Sam Mendes. After Mendes's departure, Carrie Fukunaga got the job of director. However, in an interview last year, producer Barbara Broccoli had admitted that there will never be any female detective in the Bond series.

Lashana, who is seen in Daniel's place in the film, has accepted the idea of ​​joining the film by sharing many posts on Instagram. The title of the film is currently kept on Bond 25 only. The date of its release in India and the UK is also on 3 April 2020. While in the USA it will be released on April 8.

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