Puzzles crypto placed in the Headquarters of America / CIA, in 30 years no one could find the 5 code present in it

Center of Attraction for Codeellers around the world making Langley-based CI Office
In the first 8 years, 3 codes broke, followed by the fourth and fifth challenges

Langley (Virginia).  Cryptosystem is a copper-built 12 ft frame with many types of code. It was made by American artist Jim Samborne. In November 1990, Langley was established in the US Office of the Intelligence Agency CIA. So far, this frame remains the center of attraction for those who solve code breakers and puzzles. In the past 30 years, all the 5 codes inside the 1800-letter frame could not break any.

The crypto frame placed in the CIA office.

Neutralize all tricks on line 97 characters
CIA code breakers and other experts have been able to break only three of their cords. Fourth and fifth is still not settled. Experts have adopted many tricks of books Transposition, binary, polylifabetic, substraturation and more technology are also ineffective in a long line of 97 characters long.

The interesting thing is that within the first 8 years of the establishment of crypto, the first three codes were settled, but after this there was no success. This is because the first two parts have a direct and straight relationship. Therefore, which keeps basic knowledge of cryptography, it can solve the first part of it.

The third part of the frame is already advanced from both sides, but in the fourth part everyone has to struggle, which is still impossible to get resolved. In the last 30 years, CIA, NSA and other independent code breakers are struggling to solve it. Apart from these, the code breaker groups of the whole world are working on this.

For the past several years, many people are meeting with the gym, so that some signals can be found to solve its code, but it is presenting a strong challenge from day to day. Not even the mastermind of Jim Cryptography who made such a frame. This was their first crypto frame.

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