Micro chip embedded in China / bed sheet, this will show when the last time it washed

Wuhan's Kuntang Laverni implemented this technology on its own.
Data obtained by scanning QR code from mobile phone
Chip loss does not damage much washing and much temperature

Wuhan (China)  When the bed sheets, towels and mattresses of the house or hotel are washed, it will not need to remember now. A laundry from Wuhan city of China, eliminated its need by putting a microchip in the clothes. The transcript now knows when the last time the bed sheet was washed. In addition to the sheet, the Hi-tech Microchip system is being installed in towels and mattresses. Kuntang Laundry offers its services in many of the city's hotels and hostels.

Chinese, Wuhan, Kunteng Laundry, service hotel sheets, last washed, chip contains a QR code

Microchip will work on washing and drying at times
The chip maker says, "The QR code of the chip in the corner of bedsheet, towel etc. is scanned from the mobile. After that all the information comes on the mobile screen. The chip has not only been made waterproof, but it can also work in extreme temperatures. After washing, nothing will happen to this chip. "

The population of Wuhan of central China is more than 10 million. Apart from this, it is also known as a historical tourist center. Because of this, it is a big transportation hub all over China.

Last year, the Intercontinental Hotel Group team had worked with Baidu to search smart rooms of hotels with artificial intelligence in China. Then there was information about 100 smart suites. Tell me, Baidu is a well known company for Artificial Intelligence in China.

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