Katrina Kaif, who is celebrating 35th birthday in Celeb Birth-Day / Mexico, said- "It's always fun!"

Bollywood Desk Katrina Kaif has become 35 years old. He is celebrating his birthday in Mexico He has given an interview about his Birth-Day Plans in which he said- Birthdays are always fun. There is no big deal in it but its excuse allows us to spend some time with friends and family. This year has been the best for me. Time is also excellent in terms of work. Whether it is Zero or India, I am happy with my work. Now, I want to be a part of such films where I can get a good track and a better performance and I can live new characters.

Katrina Kaif celebrates 35th birthday in Mexico with family

Modeling at the age of 14: Katrina was born on July 16, 1984 in Hong Kong. The real name of Katrina is not Katrina Kaif but Katrina Torquetty. Katrina's childhood has passed in Hawaii and she spent many years of her life in 18 different countries. Cat has also grown in France, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Belgium. From Mumbai to Mumbai three years ago, I used to live in England. He started his modeling career at just 14 years of age. In such a situation, he did not get a chance to complete his studies. They never even went to college. Katrina did not receive proportional education Katrina has seven sisters, three of whom are big and three younger. Very few people know that Katrina's father lived in Kashmir. However, after divorce from Katrina's mother, she went to London.

Journeys from Flop to Superhit Films: When Katrina thought of earning a name in Bollywood, her path was not easy. The biggest bottleneck was Hindi. The raised cat in London did not come in Hindi, nor was there any film background, thanks to which entries in the film world could be found. Apart from modeling, there was no Experience. He started his Bollywood debut with Boom, but why did I love him to open his account? The audience got married with Salman and the directors started taking him hands. From then on, the great journey of Cat's success continues to this day. 

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