Initiative / a tweet will get national holiday in Turkey for plantation

Anus Sahin wrote in the tweet - There is nothing happening to plant trees in Turkey, more than 55 thousand comments have come on it
President Erdogan described tree plantation as a great idea and promised to take steps
Getting good support in the country, people coming forward to plant trees themselves

Ankara (Turkey).   Anus Sahin's Twitter account has only 212 posts, but one of his posts has made him a hero. His post started with 'I have an idea ...' so much that it got more than 55 thousand comments on it. Not only this post attracted the attention of the Turkish government. Because of this, now Turkey will soon be celebrated as National Plantation Day and this day will be National Holiday. Sahin tweeted that "We should present an example to the world and hand over the next generation to a green country."

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The tweet was
written, " No one is going to plant trees in Turkey  ," Anus Sahin wrote in Twitte, "There is a day dedicated to planting trees in many countries of the world, many countries have arranged for themselves accordingly. Countries such as Australia, Kenya, North Korea and Iran are also doing something for plantation. But in Turkey, there is nothing to promote plantation at government level so far Programming is. "

The President said - The Great Idea:  This tweet of Sahin saw hardly the youngest deputy women elected in Turkey. He replied that he will keep his idea in front of the government. But within a few hours, Turkish President Erdogan gave a reply to Sahin on Twitter. The President said that 'Anas' is a great idea. We have always worked for a lush Turkey and will continue to do so. My friends and I take responsibility that we also have a national plantation day. '

Effect on those people, tree planting came forward:  In response Sahin wrote, "The President is pleased that you have responded to our call. We are grateful to you that you are the voice of hundreds of thousands of youths. ' Even before the holiday was declared in Turkey for tree plantations, this tweet has been affected by the fact that people are coming forward to plant trees themselves.

The trend of planting trees on a large scale in the record world, now that two states of India have planted trees, are increasing now. In 2016, a record was created by planting 4 crore 93 lakhs of plants in Uttar Pradesh in the same day. This record was broken by Madhya Pradesh the following year.

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