For the Australia / 20 month old daughter, Father took the challenge of 365 stories, written 334

Matt writes a story every day, this is available free for children online
According to Matt, each of his stories conveys the message and hopefully rises in relationships.
They have written 4 novels and 8 books for children before

Eaglehak Nek (Tasmania) . Matt Jarbo of Tasmania has challenged the writing of 365 stories for children. These stories are made for Matt to give his 20 month old daughter Sealo to the gifts. By July 13 he has written 334 stories. Matt, who works in Oyster's form, often writes stories during the night.

Matt Gerbo with daughter

Children can give good education, rites and inspiration in heritage
Matt has written eight novels and 8 books for children before this. They start typing at 10 o'clock, till about 1 a.m. they write the story and post it. Matt explains that children like stories, you can give them good lessons, rites and inspiration through them. I also want to give a better world to the daughter. So, there must be something for this. So from the beginning stories.

Writing helped to overcome depression
Matt said, "Violence and ignorance are always and will remain, they can be trimmed by imagination." About the writing, Matte explains that only when parents were two years old, parents separated. There was no one to pay attention, so there was a chance to roam around but there was no purpose in life, so many times I used to feel self-harm.

"During this time, an appointment was done in Oyster farm three years ago, and 38-year-old Elina is from Venezuela, and the architect Elena has come to Tasmania for the holidays, and both of them met. The birth of Seilo about a year and a half ago. They started this series of stories to make the daughter's birthday memorable. "

Matt's first novel was the Book of the Year in 1997.
Matt's first novel Idiot Pride came in 1997. It was declared a Book of the Year in Australia. According to Matt, he is trying to become a good father. Through creativity, giving love to daughter. Each of his stories gives the message and hopefully rises in relationships. 

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