Analyzes / players born in another country made England the first World Champion

In this World Cup, 7 players in 15 played against England team were born in other countries
These included Captain Eoin Morgan, Ben Stokes, Jason Roy and Joefra Archer

Sports desk In World Cup champions England, 15 out of 7 players were born in other countries. Among them, Ben Stokes, who made Man of the Match in the final and the highest wicket-taker in the tournament, also included Joefra Archer. Team captain Eoin Morgan is from Ireland himself. He has also played the World Cup in 2007 from the Ireland team. At the same time, Opener Jason Roy is South African. England's team won the World Cup for the first time.

Eoin Morgan and Ben Stokes

It is possible for the players of foreign origin to play games in the teams under the rules of the ICC. According to ICC's 2.1.3, if a player wants to play from a different country, then he has to remain at least 3 years in the respective country.

External origin players and their World Cup performance in England team

Eoin Morgan (Dublin, Ireland)
Eoin Drawn in ODIs against Scotland on August 5, 2006, playing on behalf of Ireland. After three years of debut from Ireland, that is, in the 2009 T20 Cricket World Cup, he got a place in the England team and Morgan has been playing for England since then.

Innings: 10
runs: 371

Jason Roy (Durban, South Africa)
born in South Africa, Jason Roy, when he was 10, his family moved to England. He played first class cricket right from here. Jason Roy played the first ODI in England in May 2015.
Innings: 7
runs: 443

Ben Stokes (Christchurch, New Zealand)
born in New Zealand, Ben Stokes was 12 when he came to England. Here he started playing club cricket with the local team. He debuted in August 2011 in ODI.

Innings: 10
runs: 465
wickets: 7

Moin Ali (Mirpur, PoK)
England spinner Moin Ali is a Pakistani-origin player. However, his grandfather had come to Birmingham from Mirpur and Moin was born here too. Moin Ali started his cricket from England only.
Innings: 5
runs: 75
wickets: 5

Adil Rashid (Mirpur, POK) Like
Moin Ali, Adil Rashid is also of Pakistani origin. His family moved from Bradford to England in 1967 from Mirpur.
Match: 11
Wickets: 11

Jopra Archer (Barbados)
Jaffra Archer, who was involved in England's fast bowler, was born in Barbados. He played under-19 cricket from the West Indies. For the first time in 2016, Joffra played against England against Sussex team of England in first-class cricket. Three years later, on 3 May 2019, he debuted in ODI against England against England. After this, he debuted in T20 playing against Pakistan on 5 May.

Match: 11
Wickets: 20

Tom Curren (Cape Town, South Africa)
Tom Kuren is the son of Zimbabwe former cricketer Kevin Curren, but he started his career from South Africa. They For domestic cricket, under-15, under-17 and under-19 have been played in domestic cricket. They played in England in 2017 and debuted in ODI against the West Indies. Subsequently, in December 2017, a match against South Africa was debated in T20 and in December 2017, it was played against Australia and played in the Test.

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