Amy Brooks, who was born in America / without arms and legs, had also left the parents, now there are motivational speakers.

The 38-year-old Emmys Brooks was adopted by Pittsburgh's family, from cooking to sewing, photography and designing.
Their YouTube channel is also 'How Do She Do It', they believe that paying attention to negativity is a waste of time.

Amy Brooks

Washington . American 37-year-old Emmy Brooks was born without arms and legs. His parents left him with this. Then the Brooks family of Pittsburgh adopted him. When he grew up, he made his physical disability his strength. Now Amy is doing cooking to sewing, photography and designing. Not only this, they are motivating people by becoming a motivational speaker.

Photographs with the help of mouth, chin and shoulder
Amy also runs her YouTube channel 'How Do She Do It'. Amy said- After birth, my parents told the hospital staff to stop me in a room and not to eat and drink. I draw pictures with the help of my mouth, chin and shoulder. Make your own videos. Many people comment negative on these videos. But I focus only on positive comments, because paying attention to negativity is a waste of time.

Amy said, "My greatest achievement is learning to tailor, with the help of this I create a handbag and sell it online. My parents always thought that I would become Independent and they never let me realize that I am less than anyone, But always encouraged me. " 

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