40 years after exemplary / retirement, the Air Force personnel donated Rs. 1 crore to the Ministry of Defense.

74 year old CBR Prasad had left AF after 9 years of joining
Prasad has been running poultry form for 30 years, he has given a check of rupee to Defense Minister Rajnath Singh.

new Delhi. 74-year-old CBR Prasad, who retired 40 years ago from the Air Force, donated Rs 1.08 crore to the Defense Ministry. They handed over checks to Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday. Prasad said, "I have fulfilled my full responsibilities. I thought there should be something to protect the country, so I took this decision. I gave my daughter 2% and my wife 1% to the full earnings of my life. After this, 97% of the remaining is imposed in the country and social service. "

after retirement IAF man donates Rs 1 cr to Defense CBR Prasad

I also do social service with business
Prasad said, "I had retired from Air Force after nine years of service. After this I got a job offer from the railway, which I did not take. Then I opened a poultry form. For the last 30 years, I have been doing social service with business. A sports university has also been opened. "

Rajnath Singh asked Prasad why did he decide to donate? On this, Prasad said that when I was working in the Air Force, then the Great Engineer, GD Naidu, came to Coimbatore as Chief Guest. He said that India is a great country. Our thinking is different from people from other countries. We should serve the country and society after fulfilling our family responsibility. Since then, I took this decision. "

Prasad said, "My dream was that I would illuminate the name of the country by winning medal in the Olympics, but it could not be possible. That's why I opened a 100-acre sports university, where children are given training. Now my dream boys and girls have to open 2 separate sports universities. "

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